Prop 13 Arizona – Initiative Text,  Click to read


Arizona has the most complicated and complex property tax system in the nation.

Arizona is the only state with primary and secondary property taxes.

Passage of Prop 13 Arizona will require a new K-12 school funding formula.

When valuations decline tax rates automatically rise to assure no taxing district receives less tax revenue than the prior year.

Arizona property taxes only go up unless bond issues are retired or overrides are allowed to expire.

Taxing districts decide how much they want to spend, then look at the total value of property in their district, divide one by the other, come up with a tax rate, apply it to  your valuation, and send you your part of the bill. Government’s desire to spend drives the process

Lines drawn through some initiative text indicate constitutional language the initiative deletes. New text is in capital letters. This is required by law.

Property tax bills have no real relationship to the value of your property.

The government can manipulate your property taxes just to fill their coffers.

California’s Prop 13 reduced tax rates from 3% to 1%. It reduced property tax revenue by 57% in the first year yet all government services went on uninterrupted.  After Prop 13 was adopted in California in 1978, residents and businesses paid a lower tax rate, yet REVENUE to Los Angeles county alone actually increased an average of 7.5% per year over the last 30 years.