Who we are:

Arizona needs a fresh start on property tax laws.

We are Arizona citizen activists who know that any significant property tax law change has to come from us, the citizens.

We need major change. Not just tinkering around the edges of the current laws. Major change.  And it’s not  going to come from the Legislature.

There are some good people in the Legislature. There just aren’t enough of them to affect the change we need. The legislative votes aren’t there.

We citizen activists must do it through the  Citizens Initiative process.

Do you understand Arizona’s property tax laws? Few people do.  Arizona has the most complicated and complex property tax laws in the nation. We are the only state with primary and secondary property tax  classifications.

Our property taxes skyrocketed during the  housing boom.  And while property  values and selling prices tanked, property tax bills continue going up. It’s all by design thanks to our current property tax system.

We have no idea what our tax bill will be this  year or next.  We have no assurance  we won’t be taxed out of our homes or businesses.

We need a fresh start.

And that’s exactly what Limit Property Taxes is.  A completely fresh start.

Limit Property Taxes brings TAX CERTAINTY AND SECURITY to every property owner in the State of Arizona.

Limit Property Taxes eliminates speculative Assessor’s valuations, lets homeowners establish the basis for taxation by using their property  purchase price, limits valuation increases to no more than 2% per  year, caps your total tax rate, and eliminates all exceptions to the tax caps.

Help us bring property tax certainty and security to Arizona.  Join us in making Limit Property Taxes a  success.

Executive Committee

Lynne Weaver, Chairman

Randy Pullen, Treasurer

Russell Pearce

Thayer Verschoor